#:100 - Upcycled Skullanimals Lace Up Pants - 14/31"

Size: 14 waist/31" length
Brand: White Stag Stretch

This is a gently preowned pair of pants that has been deconstructed and laced up into a one of a kind, grommet and ribbon fashion. This is a wide leg piece with a penguin skullanimals, skull and crossbones, skull and butterfly, and stripe patches sewn on the front. They are laced up the sides with light gray ribbon.

Care Instructions: Remove ribbon and wash on a handwash cycle, preferably with fabric softener, and hang dry.

Item comes prewashed in All Free and Clear detergent and Al Free and Clear fabric softener and ready to wear.

Contact me at zerbe3@yahoo.com for additional product photos.

Item #: 100

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