#:069 - Upcycled Pepsi Emoji Safety Pin Shirt - Medium

Size: Medium (37" chest/17.5" length)
Brand: Gildan

This is a brand new shirt that has been deconstructed and pinned back together into a one of a kind, safety pin fashion. This is a raw, slightly imperfect style. This is a sleeveless shirt with a graphic of a smiley face with its tongue sticking out on the front, reads; #sayitwithpepsi on the back in small print, and is laced up the sides with silver safety pins. Clothing is fragile and not for casual, all day wear. Great for events like concerts or parties. Size no longer true to the original tag due to being upcycled. Undershirt not included. Includes extra pins.

Care Instructions: Wash on a handwash cycle, preferably with fabric softener, and hang dry.

Item comes prewashed in All Free and Clear detergent and All Free and Clear fabric softener and ready to wear.

Pins are crimped closed for safety.

Contact me at zerbe3@yahoo.com for additional product photos.

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Item #: 069