Blooming White Flower Dream Catcher Pendant Necklace Hand Crafted

One-of-a-kind hand crafted blooming white flower dream catcher pendant necklace. Original design by me. I start off by hand forming the hoop and loops at the bottom for the tail. This done with two pieces wire wrapped together to make one. Then I wrap a black cotton thread around the hoop and weave a red gotten thread to make the net. White glass beads and a white glass flower with a glass leaf is weaved into the net before completion. The tail of the dream catcher is a mix of silver chain, leather cord, real feathers, and the glass beads from above. The necklace is fully hand crafted as well. More white leather cord is braided and secured with wire wrapped copper ends. There are a total of 4 braided leather cords, and 2 of them have beads wire wrapped around them to add some glamour. The leather cords are connected by a copper chain made with hand cut jumprings with two wire cages white stones.

This is a true piece of wearable art! You can wear it on the daily or for special occasions to add unique glamour to your outfit!! To see more shots of this unique jewel check me out @jentz44 on Steemit or Custom orders are always welcomed. Lets create a work of Art together!!

Materials: solid copper, cotton thread, glass beads, real feathers, natural stones, leather cord.

When you make a purchase from me you are supporting a local Artisan & her passions, thank you! :)