The Mind Rotter (4 of 50)

All original poem art. This piece is No. 4 of 50 in my limited "Rustic Collection". 8" x 10" framed.

"Ah, alas
My favorite has disappeared
Swallowed by the great bass
That lives in the sea of the impaired
Whence tripping along the tidy shore
My favorite did fling his self
Amongst the waves' roar
And was seen Nevermore
Any why, my favorite-
Why slide off the beach?
Were the rocks too sharp?
Did they bite?
And just as I was going to offer you a peach
With all its growing pains and strife
Awaiting you with its painted cheeks
That I had found on the Tree of Life
So you are the one Lusciousness seeks
Struggling - I do believe
In the thwarting water
Your mind did conceive
The fish that was the mind rotter"

*Signed by @robyneggs
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