Goodbye Moon (2 of 50)

All original poem art. This piece is No. 2 of 50 in my limited "Rustic Collection". 8" x 10" framed.

"The moon hangs lower this evening
The willow whispered to the crow
So I heard while I was dreaming
Amongst the blue, warm snow
And in the distance wolves howl
As far off flakes being to fall
So, upon my face you won't find a scowl
Because I am thinking of the black hall
I note the moon is sinking
Or I am rising to its face
Yet my eyes are never blinking
I leave my body in place
The snow is so warm and blue
And the willow weeps, the crow cries
For, I am
Frozen, yet happy
Goodbye, I tell the moon...goodbye"

*Signed by @robyneggs
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