Hand-Made Natural Wood Pacifier Holder

A little gift for the baby. These hand-made pacifier holders also function as stimulants for baby's brain development!

All pacifier holders are made with high quality natural wood beads, cotton crochet beads and food grade silicone beads (BPA free, chemical free products).

Custom order available on request.

Please message me with any questions.

Each pacifier holder undergoes a test to insure that they will not break.
Please read the following safety recommendations:
Before each use, please check to insure that the pacifier holder is tight.
Please do not give the holder to a child if you notice any signs of damage or weakness. Do not try to lengthen the clip.
Please do not attach the clip to any loose parts of clothing, cords or ribbons to avoid any kind of strangulation.
Do not leave child unattended with the clip - not suitable for cribs or during naptime.