Moonstone Pendant with Black Tourmaline and hidden Golden Apatite, Sterling Silver Wire Wrap

"Moon Scarab"

You are looking at 25+ hours of my life manifest into this energetic tool. The "moon scarab" is 100% high quality sterling silver from Rio Grande, a fine blue fire moonstone cab, and an absolutely stunning black tourmaline/schorl point, with a hidden golden/yellow apatite crystal buried like treasure in the bottom right of the pendant.

This pendant and its crystals are meant to help increase focus and clarity, cultivate knowledge, unleash passion, and bolster protection.

Dimensions: 2.75" x 1.3" (70mm x 33mm)
Weight: just under 1 ounce (.99oz)

All orders come with a free black satin cord necklace, 18" (or your desired length) with a sterling silver clasp, so that you can wear your pendant out of the box. High quality sterling silver chains are also available for an additional cost. I am just starting to work on my shop so I will program that option soon. Just message me if you want one before then.

I am now crafting full time so favorite my shop for a ton of wearable art coming soon.

About me:

My name is Sam King and my friends call me Patches. I have always been a nonconformist and an outsider, which allowed me to move between many social groups growing up. I have been passionate about object manipulation, juggling, and crafting from day 1, and always kept those practices as hobbies. After 10 years as a career server, I broke my shoulder and decided to make wearable art for my passion and profession, for the rest of my life. I am finally living my dreams of being a full time artist!! I am 101% dedicated, putting 50-100 hours per week into my business and my self designed e-commerce curriculum. Money is sparse compared to how much I used to have, but I am -SO- much happier now and have noticed myself decompress while working through my deep issues over the last year of self employment. I am very thankful for the time I have to fully pursue my passion. Even though I am my own boss now, I still work for you, the client. I literally live off of your patronage and for that I am eternally grateful.

If you are interested in knowing more about me, my passions, or my tribe... check out my website!

Thank you for helping me live my dreams :) <3,