Premium Quality Nano Protection For Windshields!

- No more ice scraping
- Clear View
- Easy Cleaning
- More resistant to damage
- The rain drips off

This innovative Nano Protection product offers to treat your car windshield so it becomes much more resistant to erosion, road dust sanding, stone breaks and shocks. Insects won’t stick on it and under the heaviest rain water will glide right off, making wipers useless. Snow and ice will wipe off alone. You can use this Premium Nano Protection product for screens, car body paint, wheels, clothes, shoes and more too. The Windshield Protection may last over one year on windshields. Of course this depends on your personal millage. The wipers may wipe the windshield more than 100.000 times before a new treatment may be needed.

This is how it works (Short Instruction) :

- First clean your product with the cleaning cloth provided.

- Then apply the Nano Winshield Protection with the second cloth.

- After 10 minutes your product is dry, and after 12 hours it is protected.


- 2 pre-cleaning cloth
- 2sealing cloth
- 1 micro fibre cloth