Rose Quartz Massage Wand

Give better massages with a crystal wand tool!

Dig into spots of tension or hone into a reflexology point with either tip, or use the side to draw along larger muscle groups.

5.5 inches long

Rose Quartz:
⟢ stone of unconditional love, the heart, and feminine energy
⟢ resonates with hope
⟢ soothes its surrounding environment, permeating it with peace and calm
⟢ soft, sweet, supporting, and nurturing
⟢ dissolves negativity, anger, tension, and anxiety
⟢ heals old wounds of jealousy and resentment
⟢ encourages limitless love, compassion, friendship, and intimacy
⟢ heals relationships
⟢ stimulates sensuality
⟢ fosters romance.
⟢ opens and purifies the heart, allowing the wearer to truly give and receive divine, powerful love for others
⟢ strengthens and balances the heart and circulatory system
⟢ releases impurities from body fluids
⟢ hastens recovery
⟢ reduces high blood pressure
⟢ aids chest and lung problems
⟢ heals the kidneys and adrenals
⟢ alleviates vertigo
⟢ provides energetic support for those with leukemia
⟢ increases fertility
⟢ protects both mother and unborn fetus from miscarriage