Brown Damascus Epic Handmade Knife

This here is a utilitarian damascus blade, appropriate for everyday carry if you choose to adopt it. Brown wood handle with brass spacers.


A knife is the most useful and practical tool on Earth, but unless you're carrying one on a daily basis, you really have no idea how much more awesome life can be!

...not to mention they can legitimately save your life should you find yourself in a survival situation.

And if you're going to wear a knife every day, why not choose one that's a beautiful piece of art?!


Our Epic Handmade Knives are full tang. This blade is formed of damascus steel, layers upon layers of metal folded over on itself and pounded out time and again.

Each knife includes a handmade leather sheath.

We offer an Epic Handmade Knife in exchange for a donation towards our cause of feeding, clothing, housing, and educating people, and


It makes sense to be prepared.

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