Detoxquicken Premium Alfalfa Chlorophyll (1-Week Detox Plan / 1 x 500mL Bottle)

100% fast detox. No preservatives guaranteed - only purified water & alfalfa chlorophyll. Certified Halal. Below are the details and benefits of chlorophyll:-

- Restore and replenish red blood cells in your body.
- Provide more oxygen and energy for your body.
- Eliminate toxins and protect cells in your body.
- Strengthen your immune system.
- Helps constipation by strengthening your colon.
- Balance acid alkaline ratio in your body. (PH level)
- Deodorise your body by eliminating body odor.
- Reduce risk of cancer & help in cancer therapy. (according to testimonials)
- Help heal wounds & scars faster.
- Has healing effects on oxidation and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Chlorophyll is a unique substance found in all plant life. It is the pigment of chlorophyll that give plants their characteristic green colour. It is present in all plants, most types of algae and cyanobacteria. It is abundant in leafy vegetables.

Chlorophyll also absorbs light necessary for photosynthesis, which sustains plant life through the conversion of sunlight into energy.

Identified as sodium copper chlorophyllin, this water-soluble ingredient is derived exclusively from Alfalfa plants through natural extraction.

The structure of a chlorophyll molecule is almost identical to the structure of haemoglobin – a molecule in human red blood cells that carries oxygen to key organs in the body such as your lungs, making it necessary for their functionality.

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