Dolica Sheep - Cotton Wool Bud Holder - Storage Dispenser - Transparent


Beautifully designed Dolica Sheep Cotton Wool Bud Holder by Monkey Business to keep your cotton wool tidy in an adorable sheep

Multipurpose Dolica is the sheep to keep and she is especially fond of soft, white cotton buds and cotton wool.

Dolica Sheep Cotton Wool Bud Holder will gladly also store hairpins, sweets, paper clips or any stuff that fits.

Dolica is packaged in a retail box making her a suitable gift for the person who has everything.

Dimensions of Dolica Sheep Cotton Wool Bud Holder : 10.5 x 13.5 x 8 cm Weight: 80 g. Made from high quality clear acrylic


The most adorable way to store your cotton buds, pads or wool is in a Dolica Sheep Cotton Wool Bud Holder. You can eliminate "baaaaah'd" retail packaging or plastic boxes and enhance your bathroom d├ęcor with a much more appealing Dolica. She is a clean, house-trained and convenient way to store one of life's everyday necessities. The cotton wool shines through Dolica's transparent body making her look like a real little sheep. Of course, Dolica will hold other items as desired but she looks at her best when filled with cotton wool or cotton buds. Dolica Sheep Cotton Wool Bud Holder also has a convenient lid. Bring a smile to your face with Dolica "the sheep to keep" who makes cleansing a lot more fun!

Monkey Business
Monkey Business has been adding the extra to the ordinary since 1994, providing fresh perspectives on the little things that make up your day, whether at home, at the office or outdoors. They are a family-run product design studio, founded by industrial designer Oded Friedland. Since 2005, in addition to designing original products in-house, the studio has been collaborating with a selection of talented local designers, promising youngsters and experienced professionals alike. They believe in affordable design that combines an original idea with looks and functionality.


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