Yezl LED Waterproof Zoom Head Light - Black


LED Zoom Headlamp is suitable for many activities with an adjustable angled lamp to view objects at any level.

The hands free LED Zoom Headlamp has three lights modes: high power, low power and flashing. LED Cree technology with 160 lumens brightness.

Powered by 3 AAA batteries that will illuminate up to 2 hours at high intensity light and 5 hours in energy saving mode. 150-200 m range.

The torch is illuminated by pressing the button on top of the LED Zoom Headlamp. The zoom is operated by sliding the lamp housing forwards.

Dimensions: lamp diameter 28 mm, strap fully extended 55 cm (before stretching). Weight: 90 g. Headlamp section made from aluminium alloy.


LED Zoom Headlamp - Super Bright Multi Light Mode - Zoom LED Headlight - 3 Watt - Waterproof Yezl Headlamp - Black

The lightweight LED Zoom Headlamp (with adjustable strap) can be placed securely and comfortably around the head for hiking, climbing, camping, fishing, walking, working on your car, construction work and many other activities. This extremely bright hands free head lamp features the latest in LED Cree technology providing high powered lighting with small power consumption.

The torch is operated by pressing the silver button above the headlamp. The LED Zoom Headlamp has three lights modes for your convenience. Press the button once if you require high intensity lighting; twice for energy saving and the third press creates a flashing emergency torch. To turn off the light, simply press the power button again.

The high performance LED bulb generates significantly greater brightness than conventional torch lights and is extremely energy efficient - with a viewing range of 150-200 m. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (also compatible with rechargeable AAA batteries), the LED Zoom Headlamp will illuminate for up to 2 hours with the high intensity light and up to 5 hours with the energy saving light. The batteries are inserted easily in the waterproof compartment by removing the rubber casing.

The headlamp is an integrated closed design, with O-ring seal, to prevent water entering the lamp. The telescopic zoom function is operated by sliding the lamp lens forward the desired amount; this adjusts the light intensity from wide angle to spot beam. The LED Zoom Headlamp can also be tilted 90 degrees to face downwards if you need to view objects at a lower level. The strap is adjustable and stretchable to fit most sizes easily and the battery compartment is incorporated at the back for balance.

This super bright lightweight LED Zoom Headlamp is an essential item to impressively brighten up your space - also great for power cuts - leaving your hands free to complete that job.


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