Pink Steemit Cap with Blue Logo

The man himself @roelandp models his custom cap from the GOE at Steemfest in Amsterdam!

This is an adjustable, pink cap with white front and blue Steemit logo. This is hand painted and one-of-a-kind, fully loved by the Eden Knights!

Everything we do is in support of building the world we want to live in--funds we raise are dedicated to feeding, clothing, housing, and educating people--We fed 40,000 free meals last year and are looking to break that record!

You can exchange
the cryptocurrency
you gained from the
click of an upvote button
--just for sharing your valuable thoughts!--

for unique, sustainable goods,
and the GOE will pay it forward!

This cap supports
more healthy, sustainable
meals to more people than ever before!!

We turn your upvotes into free meals, AND you get an awesome STEEMIT CAP!

Down with the old system, in with the new!

∞§∞ Steem On ∞§∞