Rhodochrosite Bracelet

We believe that every aspect of life is improved when one is healthy and thriving! To that end, we offer Quinn's Medicinal Jewelry line--every piece is designed to utilize the unique healing properties of gems, crystals, and stones. The jewelry is both beautiful and functional. The incredible qualities of minerals expand your options for healthcare and wellness!

100% Rhodochrosite Beaded Bracelet.

The Incas considered rhodochrosite to be the blood of kings and queens turned to stone, thus the alternate name Inca Rose.
⟢ valuable stone with significant healing properties
⟢ aids processing of deep emotional, childhood and past life issues
⟢ repressed and denied experiences are brought to the surface to be healed
⟢ encourages flow of creativity
⟢ enhances love.

As with all our items on the site 100% of all proceeds go to feeding, housing, educating and healing those in need. Enjoy a truly sustainable addition to your collection and support a truly honorable cause!