JT Impulse Paintball Marker Silver/Blue

JT Impulse Paintball Marker

Color: Silver/Blue

Condition: BRAND NEW

LPR Balanced Valve Technology with Air Cushioned Piston
Contoured Slim Grip and Blue OLED Screen
Tool-Less Clamping Feed Neck
Two Piece 14" Micro Honed Barrel
Software upgradable via mini USB (cable not supplied)

The Impulse paintball gun has been one of the most popular tournament paintball markers since 2004. Now updated with a new look and feel this gun excels in the poppet market. The patented balanced valve technology will make your shots smoother, helping you hit the intended target, in turn giving you the results you want and need when competing at all levels. Added benefits include the 4 Way Adjustable Magnetic Trigger, which enables you to set the trigger to your desired preference so that you get the sensitivity and travel exactly how you want it. In addition, the all new JT Impulse marker comes with a blue OLED display so you can check your rate of fire and select the playing mode option that works best for you. With a Contoured Slim Grip, the feel of this gun is amazing, definitely one of the most comfortable guns on the market. Designed and tested by professional paintball team XSV means that extensive time has been put into this marker to make sure it not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Top Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 starsand beautiful. I can't believe this dropped off everyone's radar ...
By April M. Carabin on December 21, 2014
Color: Black/Silver Verified Purchase
Absolutely killer gun. Very consistent, efficient, and beautiful. I can't believe this dropped off everyone's radar simply because of the JT name brand. This is clearly a $1000 gun...

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic marker
By Johann Foster on June 11, 2015
Color: Red/Black
An amazing marker. Accurate, easy to maintain, easy to use programmable LCD screen, and a beast on the field. You can empty a hopper in 30 seconds or less if you really want to and hit most targets within inches of the aiming point. Sleek look accompanied by year round ability to use with no real change in bolt operation. Now that it's half the price it's like buying a professionals marker for beginner marker prices. Cannot say enough good things about this marker, I tend to keep my opponents heads down or off the field.


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