Utilitarian D2 Knife

This heavy clip point D2 blade has a green dyed wood handle. This is a substantial and beautiful tool of thick, high quality steel that is just the right size and shape for everyday carry!

Like all our Epic Handmade Knives, this clip point D2 knife is master crafted of high quality materials.

As with all blades, the quality is not so much in the steel itself, but in the smithing and tempering of the steel. It is the smith who makes great steel into legendary blades. This IS a hand-crafted blade with skill and attention. It is a ONE of a kind.

The blade was first hardened up to 63HRC, then tempered down to 60HRC to give it an even solid tempering.

The hardening process is done in an automatic and controlled environment with the help of a vacuum oven for heating and Nitrogen gas for quenching. The result is a high quality, reliable blade.

ALL Epic Handmade Knives are of course full tang for superior quality, ‚Äč
and knife orders include durable, handmade, genuine leather sheath!

We dedicate ALL proceeds from our sustainable, community-run knife shop towards humanitarian works of feeding, clothing, housing, and educating people!