Apple Cider Artisan Vinegar

If you've ever had the pleasure of experiencing one of our Epic Events, you know that our food is super high vibe and super delicious. We far exceed the quality and value of every bland, boring, petroleum-dependent restaurant. In fact, we blow them away with mouthgasmic experiences. Our handmade vinegars are one secret to that success.

Our 16 oz of beyond organic APPLE CIDER ARTISAN VINEGAR is crafted by hand at the Garden of Eden! This is a delicious fruit alchemy with many benefits for health and wellness. It's a powerful disinfectant as well, but with the great care and artisanal touch that goes into making each unique batch, you might want to save it for savoring...

As with all our goods and services, 100% of all proceeds go to feeding, housing, educating and healing those in need. Enjoy a truly sustainable addition to your pantry and support a truly honorable cause!