Yerba Mate Organic Herbal Tea (Loose Leaf Premium Tea) - 1lb Bag

Yerba Mate Organic Herbal Tea (Loose Leaf Premium Tea) - 1lb Bag

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Yerba Maté is an increasingly popular beverage, consumed traditionally in a large portion of South America. It is an invigorating infusion with a sweet, grassy flavor, much like that of strongly brewed green tea. It is known for its high level of stimulants, yet boasts a unique lack of negative side effects commonly associated with coffee or strong tea. Excellent hot with a touch of sweetener for a delicious boost.

100% Organic Ingredients

Tea Base:

Organic Yerba Mate

Base Region:

South American


Organic South American Yerba Mate Herbal Tea

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Erin from Phx, AZ on May 29, 2013
This is one of my favorites! Especially a iced as an afternoon pick me up. I love introducing it to people. At first I needed to add a touch of agave to it, but now I enjoy the natural subtle sweetness.