Blackberry Sage Black Tea (Loose Leaf Premium Tea) - 1lb Bag

Blackberry Sage Black Tea (Loose Leaf Premium Tea) - 1lb Bag

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Our robust South Indian black tea meets the intoxicating flavor of summer blackberries in this rich and decadent tea. A touch of white sage completes the blend, balancing the plump, juicy flavors of berries with its mystical, earthen essence. With each sip of this deliciously ethereal tea, find yourself closer and closer to true awakening.

Tea Base:

Flower Orange Pekoe

Base Region:

South India

South Indian Flower Orange Pekoe Black Tea, White Sage, Freeze-dried Blackberries, N/A Blackberry Flavor

If you have any questions about this tea or if you want to request other varieties send me a message on here. Thanks!

// Reviews for Blackberry Sage Black //

Stanley from Chicago, IL on May 05, 2014
I had Blackberry Sage last February when I was in Arizona and LOVED IT. But since I ordered this tea for my mother in Omaha, I've not had the good fortune to share any of it with her.

This is a review of Maya Tea Company. In a word -- Awesome! From the well crafted product to the beautifully designed website these people know what they're doing. My mother has been enjoying her Blackberry Sage ice tea. I've always heard that smell and taste are closely associated with memory, so it makes perfect sense that she has reminded me of the day we spent together in Tuscon and how wonderfully Maya Tea capped off our afternoon. When I ordered tea for Mother's Day, I asked that a note be included in the package and Maya willingly obliged. I recommend Maya Tea without any reservation.

Paul Komrowski from Fulton NY on Dec 05, 2013
Was a great tea, nice deep base and sweet odors, I do want a little more fruit in the taste though, its very subdued blackberry.

Martha Fulmer from Litchfield Park Az. on Oct 30, 2013
Lovely tea. Wonderful aroma and a sweet berry flavor. The sage gives it a clean refreshing taste.
Songbird Coffee & Tea from Phx, AZ on May 29, 2013
What a great ice tea to represent the desert!

Mary Lou Malay from Lake Havasu City on Jan 14, 2013
Good favor could have a little more of the blackberry. Enjoyed it none the less.