Apricot Black Tea (Loose Leaf Premium Tea) - 1lb Bag

Apricot Black Tea (Loose Leaf Premium Tea) - 1lb Bag

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A remarkable Indian Black Nilgiri tea, dried apricot pieces and flavor combine to create a medium bodied smooth tea with a wonderfully fruity finish. A superb drink for the summer, this tea is delicious both hot and iced.
Tea Base:

Flower Orange Pekoe

Base Region:

South India

South Indian Flower Orange Pekoe Black Tea, Dried Apricots, Sunflower Petals, Safflower Petals, N/A Apricot Flavor

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// Reviews for Apricot Black //

Patricia Steffen from Indianapolis on Feb 08, 2015
This is outstanding tea. I've been a fan of Apricot tea for many years but it is hard to find good loose Apricot tea in my area. I have tried Apricot tea bags as a substitute and it is just not the same - usually good but not the same as loose tea.
I read the reviews on this site and decided to order some tea (without trying it first!). This tea is very good! Mild with a hint of apricot and It is one of the best loose Apricot teas I have ever had. I am thrilled to have found a place where I can finally order my tea. I am a customer for life!

Rose from Midwest on Jan 22, 2014
The first time I enjoyed this tea was in a Tucson tea room. I was hooked. The tea room was kind enough to tell us your name. I ordered a pound once we arrived back home. With careful planning, that pound lasted more than a year. Alas, the bag became low and I knew I needed to order once again. My addiction for this apricot tea is solid. Best apricot tea I have ever found. The aroma when you open the bag is just delightful. Fresh and pleasant. This blend is perfect for iced or hot tea. Hot tea with a bit of sugar and cream is fantastic! The iced tea really does not require any sweetener. I will continue to recommend this tea to anyone and everyone who shares a cuppa with me.

Rebecca Ahlgrim from Indianapolis on Oct 02, 2013
This tea is my very favorite. I drink a whole pot of apricot black every morning, and then have it iced in the afternoon! Delightful flavor.

Mary Jenkins from Phoenix, AZ on Sep 08, 2013
Apricot Black Tea was the very first Maya tea I purchased. I loved this tea so much I had to see what other blends this company sold. Two new favorites of mine are now the Prickly Pear Black and Cherry Black. Although all three of these are black teas, they all have their own distinctive and delicious flavors - hot or cold.

Jane Hoffman from Blue River @ Alpine, Arizona on Jul 02, 2013
I drink black tea everyday - hot or cold. This has become my favorite. The quality of the leaves is tops.
Thank you for offering the best teas I have tasted.