Hand Held Lightweight Dual Magnifying Glass with 2 LED Lights - Silver-Black


Hand Held LED Magnifying Glass with two levels of magnification in one lens

Handle has two integrated LED lights for working in low lighting conditions

Handy and compact Hand Held LED Magnifying Glass suitable for reading small print, hobbies, map reading - the uses are endless

On/off light switch. Powered by 3 x LR1130 batteries (included)

Dimensions: Diameter of magnifier: 80 mm, length of handle: 110 mm. Weight of Hand Held LED Magnifying Glass: 60 g. Lens made from high quality acrylic and handle made from durable plastic.


Hand Held LED Magnifying Glass - 3x and 4x Dual Magnifier - Hand Held Lightweight Magnifying Glass with 2 LED Lights - Large Magnifier 3x Magnification - Small Magnifier 4x Magnification - Silver-Black

We don't like to admit it but there are times when the writing on products is just too small to read. This portable Hand Held LED Magnifying Glass can alleviate this issue with it's two levels of magnification. The larger lens has 3X magnification and the secondary smaller lens (built-in to the larger lens) has 4X magnification. It is also equipped with 2 LED lights for extra illumination.

The pocket Hand Held LED Magnifying Glass is a great help for reading, stamp collecting, hobbies, map reading, small print, instruction manuals and food labels. It is compact enough to use anywhere in the home/office or pop into a bag if you wish to use it outdoors and on the move. The contoured handle makes it comfortable to hold and it is lightweight to use.

The bright LEDs shine light just where you need it. Simply press the switch on the handle to turn on the LED lights. Press it again to turn them off (the batteries have also been included). The Hand Held LED Magnifying Glass can, therefore, be used in a restaurant or a theatre, where the lights are dim. Plus you can always have it with you at the library or grocery store in case your eyes let you down.


Primary Lens:
73 mm diameter
3X magnification
Diopter: 8.0

Secondary Lens:
21 mm diameter
4X magnification
Diopter: 12.0


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