Blue and Grey Paracord Bracelet

Blue and grey parachute cord (p-cord) bracelet. Top bracelet in image.

Designed to be fun and stylish to encourage you to wear these important investments.

These are very valuable as they could potentially save one's life, as cordage is one of the most valuable survival items. Made with 550 pound American-made paracord, these (while hopefully never needed) will serve the purpose if need be. There are few things more important or versatile than good cordage.

Approximately 7" long, made with approximately 7 feet of P cord for use as the need arises. Easy to undo and make use of, easy snap on, snap off, and a great accessory to your wardrobe!

All of our goods are offered in exchange for SBD donation towards our cause of feeding, clothing, housing, and educating more people than ever before!