1 Pound Dark Whole Leaf Tobacco

We offer organic, homegrown tobacco for your smoking and wellness pleasure!

This is a far superior option to modern industrial cigarettes in every way! Further, everything we raise is already 100% devoted to feeding, clothing, housing, and educating people, and building a more sustainable world for ALL! This is a product you can feel great about: turn your magical SBD into real goods and BE the change while doing it!

No chemicals, no additives, no pollution, no taxation, and no unsustainable packaging is used in our organic, homegrown tobacco.

Dark whole leaf tobacco is full, rich, and robust. Use this for your hand rolled cigarettes. Can also be combined with your favorite plants for a fully customizable experience.

Whole leaf can be used as a wrapper for other plants, or crumbled or shredded to use inside a cigarette.

Consider adding our beyond organic, super sustainable, wildcrafted smoking blends to your tobacco to activate the incredible properties of unique plants.

This listing is for 1 pound Dark Whole Leaf Tobacco.

We also offer 6 oz Light or Dark Whole Leaf Tobacco, 6 oz Light or Dark Broken Leaf Tobacco, 1 pound Light Whole Leaf Tobacco, and 1 pound Light or Dark Broken Leaf Tobacco available.