Mark Levinson 512

For sale Mark Levinson 512.Here is the legendary Mark Levinson 512 SACD/CD player….NEW in the Box. We just opened the box to show you this great unit.

Mark Levinson products are well known for incredible attention to detail, the 512 is no different. Incredibly well built Uses only the finest components, including extremely high quality 24 bit D/A converters, each channel uses 2 D/A converters yielding a much higher S/N ratio. Also features 2 separate power supplies with custom designed high quality toroidal transformers.

All resulting in a sound that is levels beyond what one would expect, clear, focused, deep tight bass, great extension, musical !

Very well reviewed….so treat yourself to one incredible player

MSRP $15,000

• The No 512 is a solid piece of kit, it feels carved out of a slab of granite more than a collection of parts and sheet metal, though I wish it was more stylish.
• The No 512 has one of the best, most refined and open top ends I've heard from a disc spinner in a long while. While I usually prefer a transport/DAC combo to achieve the best in digital two-channel audio, the No 512 makes a strong case for a single chassis solution, even if that chassis is a bit large and cumbersome.
• The No 512's midrange is its party piece, possessing all the weight, poise and detail you'd expect from digital but never really achieved until now. I'm not going to say the No 512 is analog sounding for it's different, but rest assured it's every bit as good as the best vinyl rig I've heard - only far more user friendly.
• The No 512's bass performance is solid though it does lack that last ounce of attack and slam, which only adds to the player's calm demeanor. While bass heads might want more attack out of their player I assure you after living with the No 512 for awhile I'm not entirely sold that more slam and attack is the right choice, for the No 512's bass sounds far more organic and natural than other high end players in its class.
• In terms of soundstage and overall musical presence I'm not sure it gets much better than the No 512
Two balanced XLR analog outputs
Two single-ended RCA analog outputs
Two digital outputs – one AES (XLR) and one S/PDIF (RCA)

One Ethernet port
One RS-232 port
One IR port, 3.5mm mono mini plug
One 3.5mm mono (tip/sleeve) mini plug trigger input, 12V One 3.5mm mono (tip/sleeve) mini plug trigger output, 12V Three-pin IEC standard power connector

+0.0dB/–0.2dB PCM/CD +0.0dB/–0.5dB DSD/SACD





4V (balanced), 2V (single-ended)

16V (balanced), 8V (single-ended)

10 Ohms

100/120/220/230 – 240V~, 100W, 50/60Hz, factory set for destination country

4-9/16" x 17-3/8" x 17-5/8" (116mm x 442mm x 448mm)

Operating temperature: +5o to +35oC (41o to 95oF) Storage temperature: -20o to 55oC (-4o to 131oF) Operating humidity: 5% to 80% noncondensing

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