Tiny House

Ideally for pickup in Austin, TX, but if you can find a transporter to your city, that's fine!

This 24 foot tiny house beauty will be available for sale in about two weeks! It features metal panel sidings and roof with cedar planks on both ends, magnesium oxide boards and plywood instead of drywall and OSB, respectively. Magnesium oxide board is a natural breathable material which is fire, mold and mildew resistant. It will have closed cell foam insulation and heavy duty triple axles totaling 18k pounds.

The composting toilet is from which separates the liquid from the solids. It features a bidet spray with a toilet flange ready to be converted to a normal flush toilet. The bathtub has a Rain shower head and another shower head with extendable hose set lower, a nice substitute for the common bathtub faucet and great if you have a dog or just want to wash your feet.

The flooring is a walnut luxury vinyl waterproof plank. The loft is set lower for extra headroom and the space below it is cleverly designed to be the study area where almost all time is spent in your comfortable chair, creating the best use of space. This house also has foldable tables and two kitchen sinks for the couple who love to cook. It includes below the countertop Summit freezer and fridge, a one unit LG washer/dryer and a Friedrich 9000 BTU mini-split air conditioner/heater with a total of 22 outlets.

The access to the shelves and the loft will be with a ladder built using the Rockler library system hardware.

Please come for a tour or give us a call. There are many more features which we will share when we talk to you.