CP5611 6GK1561-1AA00 PCI Communications Card for PROFIBUS-DP

CP5611 (6GK1561-1AA00) Communications Cards for industrial applications, optical isolation design, and the RS485 port increased by lightning surge protection circuit and overcurrent protection of self-healing, all use industrial-grade chips for a wide temperature range, for the realization of PC or PG and the SIMATIC networks of PROFIBUS DP / MPI / PPI communications link.

Communication Services:
PROFIBUS-DP master class 1 and 2
PROFIBUS-DP slave with SOFTNET-DP slave
MPI / PPI communication
PG / OP communication
And SOFTNET-S7 for S7 communication
And SOFTNET-DP or SOFTNET-S7 to S5 compatible communication (based on the FDL interface SEND / RECEIVE function)

CP5611 apply to the following software:
STEP7 V.52 and above
COM PROFIVUS V3.3 and above
STEP 7-Micro/WIN V3.1 and above
ProTool, ProToo / Pro

Transfer Rate: 9.6Kbps ~ 12Mbps, corresponding to the maximum communication distance in line with the standard PROFIBUS
Interface: Connection PROFIBUS / MPI / PPI, isolated 9-pin Sub-D socket
Isolation Voltage: 1000VDC
RS485 port with a lightning surge protector, repeatable surge capacity: Ipp = 100A (10/700us, 4KV)
Standard: ITU-TK20/21, VDE 0433. ± 15KV ESD (ESD) protection
Since the resumption of over-current protection: RS485 port can withstand voltages up to 60V due to continuous over-current
Connecting PG / PC: PCI2.1 standard slot
Standard Voltage: +5 VDC
Power: 2.0W
Operating temperature: 0 ~ +70 DegC
Dimensions (W × H) (mm): 102 × 130