OLED USB Charger Current Voltage Capacity Power Detector Tester Meter Voltmeter

Dimensions: 6.5cm * 1.7cm * 1cm
Color: Red
OLED display compact mini USB tester can measure voltage, current, power, capacity 4 in 1 feature.
Measuring range:
Voltage: 3V-10V
Current: 0-3.3A
Display materials: OLED (Display color: white)
Display data: voltage, current, power, capacity
Sampling resistance: 50MΩ
Accurate readings, small deviation and would not get confusion.
For viewing in different angle, the side buttons can switch to show in positive and negative.
It can easily measure the output voltage, operating current and the charge-discharge capacity of USB (PC USB, phone chargers, car use chargers, external power supply etc.) And make sure if the performance of the charging devices and the charging cable meet the standard.

Packaging list : 1 pc power tester as picture shows