iPhone SMS Text Photo iRecovery Recovery USB Data Stick

The iRecovery Stick is the first data recovery device for the Apple iPhone. With the iRecovery stick, you can recover text messages, phone call history, internet history, contacts, pictures and graphics, calendar entries, map history, and much more. Using the iRecovery is simple - just plug it into your computer, connect your iPhone to your computer. Run the iRecovery program, and it will begin scanning your iPhone for data. Scanning takes approximately 20minutes per GB, so depending on how much data is on your phone, the process will take a little bit of time. Once the data recovery process is complete, you will be presented with all of the data in an easy-to-read table format that allows you to easily find whatever information you are looking for. Note: The current version of the iRecovery stick no longer needs to be updated, it already has the update built in.

iOS Version Compatibility: Up to 4.2
Service Compatibility: AT&T and Verizon iPhones
OS Compatibility: Win98/XP/2000/Vista/7
Not compatible with Macintosh OS
USB Drive Capacity: 128MB
USB: 2.0 interface

iRecovery Stick
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