Night Blooming Cereus

Very unusual cactus type plant
This profoundly exquisite, large cupped cactus flower that opens in the evening to reveal long, white feathery petals and an inner mass of yellow stamens with a long, radiating stigma.
Night-blooming cereus is a clambering, almost vinelike perennial belonging to the Epiphyllum group, of which Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) is also a member. It produces leafless, fleshy, three sided stems that will climb a support or scramble all over the floor, if you let them. Prickles often appear along ridges of the stems, as do brown aerial rootlets, which help to anchor the plant. In summer, generally from July to October, large, prominent buds appear. When they're ready to open, they do so in dramatic fashion, literally before your eyes--you can see the movement. The spectacular blossoms (white with yellow stamens), may be a foot long. Like many nocturnal flowers, they release a heady perfume to attract night pollinators.

The Real Story of this Night Blooming Cereus
I was introduced to the Night Blooming Cereus by a neighbor who gave me a small piece of the strap type leaf. When planted the leaf matched the small tongue of my Japanese Chin.
So my neighbor nicknamed my plant "The Saki Plant". All the neighbors used to get together and joked and laughed at Saki the dog and the Saki Plant. Well the name stuck so all my friends affectionately refer to the plant as The Saki Plant.
As we are all attached to Saki the Dog,
so are we very attached to the plant affectionately named the Saki Plant.