Self-Defense-For-Women (E-Book)

Don't Spend Hours Reading Books And Articles That Won't Help. All You Need Is THIS Book!

The fact is that women are attacked more often and more violently than any other group of people. That includes all races‚ ages‚ and demographic pigeonholes. Women are looked on as vulnerable and easy targets. That's why the statistics are so high.

It's time to bring those numbers down and empower women against violent attacks. With this e-book‚ you'll find all sorts of information and‚ best of all‚ an answer to the question‚ "How do I defend myself when I'm not sure I can?"

Inside the pages of this book‚ we've given you real life stories that illustrate the mistakes that some women who are victims of violence have made. We'll address those mistakes and show you how to avoid them.

There are many‚ many opportunities out there for attacks. These include:

Car Jacking
Purse Snatching
Domestic Violence
Home Invasion
Being Followed by An Unmarked Police Car
Walking Along the Street
Workplace Violence
And more

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