Nature's Way Vitex (Chaste Tree) 400 mg (100 Caps)

Nature's Way Vitex (Chaste Tree) 400 mg (100 Capsules)

Nature's Way Vitex is a woman's dietary supplement, traditionally used for menstrual difficulties. Vitex useful in treating peri menopausal and menopausal symptoms, in particular hot flashes, and menstrual irregularities such as flooding, clotting, and irregular cycle. Using vitex can discourage the symptoms of PMS such as mood swings, headaches, and bloating. It is widely used to promote overall health and balance in a woman's life.
Vitex also balances female hormones by working with the pituitary gland. Though the herb itself cannot produce hormones, it gives the pituitary gland the proper cues to start producing appropriate amounts of them.
-Used to get pregnant, PCOS, control menstrual cycles

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Vitex (400mg), gelatin, and millet.
Ingredients Updated: 4/30/2004

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