Native American Style Seed Bead Necklace

Native American Style Seed Bead Handmade Blue Multi-Color Necklace with Large Medallion Pendant 6 Small Medallions Southwestern Leather Back

Overall necklace measures 17 3/4" from top edge to end of fringe (this goes on over the head)
• Sun bead design
• 2 1/2" diameter medallion pendant
• fringe measures 2 3/8"
•each pair of medallions is slightly smaller from the pair closest to the large medallion
1 3/4" * 1 1/2" * 1 3/8"
when I am wearing this the top pair of medallions is approximately 6" across from the end of one medallion to the end of the opposite medallion and the space inbetween
• 1/2" band tapers to 1/4" from the top pair of medallions; there are also 1/2" squares of beads connecting the medallions and the band together
• main color blue
accents: black, smoky clear
• medallion is sewn onto off-white leather (the top 2 small medallions have a knot tied into the back