Wooden Wine Crates

A beautiful European Wooden Wine Crates

We offer an amazing collection of European wine crates from some of the best wine houses in France, Italy and Spain.

The selection keeps changing. Different sizes. Also the vintage of the wine crates can vary from the 1910 to 2012.

Please contact us for the choice of crates that are available at the time of order.

They are also great for shelving, wine storage - flat or standing up, storage as well as d├ęcor.

We are now offering a lid which is custom made to fit the specific wine box made with the same wood and in the original construction method with a tongue and groove joint as the original crates. This makes the wine crates as perfect gift boxes for that special occasion, specially weddings and anniversaries. It also makes it a keepsake item.

Please contact us for special pricing if you are ordering multiple crates or need special size crates.