3D Printed Geodesic Dome Kit, Geodesic Toy Puzzle, Kids Geometric Toy

The 3D printed plastic hubs easily connect with standard drinking straws (included) to create a durable and very futuristic looking dome! Enjoy building domes and dome-like objects with your creative child.

This kit comes with all the supplies and step-by-step instructions to build this Geodesic Dome in just a matter of minutes. The straws have been pre-cut to the needed lengths to make it fun and easy. This 136 piece dome kit includes:

-(6) of the 5 Spoke Hubs
-(10) of the 6 Spoke Hubs
-(5) of the 4 Flat Hub A
-(5) of the 4 Flat Hub B
-(65) of the Pre-cut Drinking straws (plus a few extras)
-Building Instructions

Your child with have lots of fun and learn something while following the simple picture-by-picture building instructions.

After the dome is complete, it will stay together and looks simply awesome. Finished dome is durable enough to play with. It makes a great school project or rainy day activity!

Completed Geodesic Dome measures 8 Inches (203 mm) in Diameter.