SUNflower Yoga Mat Cleanser w/Scrubbie

Our unique blend of pure SUNflower essential oil with an organic cleaning base makes maintaining your mat easy and pleasurable.
This scent is unlike any of the other cleanser scents on the market. SUNflower cleanser will enhance your yoga practice. Feel free to breath deeply when in child's pose.
8 oz bottle with Scrubbie

Certified "Organic", USDA approved free of synthetic preservatives, color and fragrances. Hypoallergenic.

Our SUNflower mat cleanser was created for regular usage. Most effective when used in combination with your Scrubbie. Wipe down with damp cloth and air dry before rolling up mat.
Regular cleaning of your mat to remove sweaty body build-up happens over time so we recommend making time to care for your mat which will prolong it's life. Your mat touches your face and body every week so why not enhance your practice by invigorating all of your senses!.

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