GameKlip Universal Mount for Cellphones

Mount any Android phone to your DualShock 3 controller for the ultimate mobile gaming experience! The CaseMount GameKlip™ is a universal* mounting solution that uses an industrial strength adhesive strip to permanently attach a spare case made for your device. No extra apps or root required for wired play*.

-GameKlip™ fits any Smartphone for a perfect viewing position.
- Easily attaches to your DualShock 3 controller
- No tools or screws required
- Perfect real action play with real games.

Package Contents:
- GameKlip
- Proprietary cable to connect your device to your controller
- Travel sized USB cable to charge your controller
- Alcohol wipe for optimal adhesion (Do not use case with rubberized coatings)

*You will need to use the Sixaxis Controller App (not included) or a jail broken phone (not recommended) to connect wirelessly.