Nature's Way Devil's Claw (100 Caps)

Nature's Way Devil's Claw (100 Capsules)

Hurpagophytum pocumbens Secondary Root Devil's claw has a large, claw-like fruit . The secondary root or "tuber" is considered medicinal and is preferred by herbalists because of its high concentration of beneficial components. Devil's claw is also known as the grapple plant. A desert plant from Africa the secondary root or tuber or the Devil's Claw has been used worldwide for over 250 years. The secondary root is preferred by herbalists for its high concentration of beneficial components. Nature's Way Devil's Claw is gathered from the wild desert foothills of Africa.
-Used for gout, joint issues, arthritis, back pain, inflammation

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Artichoke (dried extract), milk thistle (seed), gelatin, magnesium stearate, maltodextrin, and silica.
Ingredients Updated: 7/1/2003

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