Nature's Way Parsley (100 Caps)

Nature's Way Parsley (100 Capsules)

Parsley is a carefully screened, encapsulated powder version of this well known herb. Parsley contains high amounts of chlorophyll, and is very nutritious. Most fine restaurants offer parsley as a garnish and breath freshener, this custom is borrowed from the ancient Romans.Being very high in the mineral Iron, Parsley can be used to treat anemia. It also has a high Vitamin C content which helps with the absorbtion of the Iron. Parsley can even help regrow hair in men, ridding them of thier baldness.Many times, Parsley is paired up with Garlic supplements because Parsley protects your breath from smelling. It can kill the bacteria that would normally make your breath acquire a sour odor.
-Used for detox, salt/water retention, internal body odor, leg swelling, immune system, bones, nervous system, joint pain

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