Dakota Alert Driveway Alarm Kit

Duty Cycle Motion Alert

Dakota Alert driveway alarm kit - used to detect vehicles only
Transmitter operates on one 9-volt battery (not included) and has 50' of direct burial wire connecting the probe to the exterior case
Probe is buried parallel to the driveway, and will detect vehicles passing by within approximately 10-12 feet
Direct burial cable can be run to a tree or post nearby, where the transmitter box is located
When vehicle drives by, transmitter will send a signal to the DCR-2500 receiver up to 1/2 a mile away
Receiver has 4 form "C" relay outputs and one 12VDC output
Output durations are adjustable uo to 10 minutes
Receiver will play one of four different tunes that are selected at the transmitter so that different zones can be distinguished
Receiver is powered by 12VDC transformer
Receiver also offers a 5 minute exit delay so you can leave the house without disturbing any occupants as well as a reminder beep and counter function